‘Shine Bright – Pebbles’ brings light at the end of the tunnel

Over the last couple of months, the Shine Bright campaign has been gathering pace in Scotland, so Pebbles decided to take part in what is a simple, but effective initiative.

Initially launched by an East Lothian woman named Alison Johnston, who wanted to quell the doom and gloom of winter, the idea behind Shine Bright is to put up various types of lights to brighten things up a bit in these times of darkness, both literally and figuratively. These can range from LED lights and imitation candles, to electric lamps and lanterns.

Shine Bright also acknowledges the fact that children and young people have missed out on so much in 2020 following the Covid-19 pandemic. Their summer, birthdays, schooling and time with others, especially friends, have been on the list of casualties.

By putting these lights in windows, on doorsteps or in any outdoor space until the clocks go forward at the end of March, along with an array of uplifting messages, it has helped massively with the mental health and emotions of those struggling with what has been a tough year. Because really, in these times of dark and cold weather, who doesn’t like to see a light glowing?

The young people of Pebbles responded to this brilliantly and helped light up their homes, truly reflecting what we wish to convey in our ‘Shine Bright – Pebbles’ message.

Every time our children and young people see the lights, we hope that it will serve as a message of hope for a brighter future and remind them that “this too will pass”, with sunnier days on the horizon. We need to use the lights to remind them and ourselves of this too; of a positive and hopeful tomorrow.

We encouraged our young people to put their lights up so that they and the staff at each of the homes can use them as symbols of hope and unity. Remember that we are all hope-keepers for these children and young people.

For a bit of fun, we even set up a little competition amongst the young people to submit the best display of lights, and the winning entry can be seen below:

We think you will agree that this has been a success, and we can assure you that the young people and staff have seen the light displays as beneficial to them over the last few months.

Remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn, and the end of the tunnel is in sight.