Real Pebbles Stories

This is where the voices of our young people are heard and where we share their wonderful stories of positive outcomes. We are working with our young people to get their thoughts on the care and education they receive with Pebbles, alongside those that have moved on from our care and how their lives have been transformed.

The real Pebbles stories area will be updated with case studies, audio recordings, and testimonials on an ongoing basis. Come back soon for more!

I had the best Christmas ever!

Pebbles are amazing, understanding and never let us down.

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Truly loving people.

Pebbles gave me a chance when no-one else would. The team at Kylimoons have become my family and I am forever grateful for the love and support they have given me.

Young person from Kylimoons

I want to praise the work that the team at Blackbrook House have completed with BC over the years, the commitment they have shown to her and their true professionalism when working with BC and her affiliated professionals.

Kate Dowling
Social Worker
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The thoughtful minds

The carers, educators and forensic psychologists behind Pebbles Care offer their personal insights and thoughts in this informative blog, alongside all the great things our young people are achieving.

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