The Pebbles Difference

Young Age Specialists

Our exclusive focus on people aged 8 to 18 means we deeply understand this age group, allowing us to carefully nurture children and young people, so they can develop and flourish in their own beautiful way.

Therapeutic Every Hour, Every Day

The journey from trauma to a brighter future is usually arduous, requiring tireless effort and commitment. That’s why we provide continuous nurturing support through an unrivalled Therapeutic Parenting approach.

Time to Flourish

Dedicating time to supporting children’s development is a privilege of ours. The healing journeys of the young people at Pebbles last impressively longer than the average industry standards, guaranteeing everyone receives the attention needed to flourish.

Unparalleled Bespoke Approach

We are not defined by the natural industry standards of having a set employee-to-bed ratio. Each of our welcoming homes offers a distinctive setting, that we adapt to the unique needs of the people in our care.

Empowering Education Pathways

We advocate that education should meet the individual learner’s needs, knowledge, and skills. By offering flexible pathways within a therapeutic space, our pupils have access to empowering learning journeys.

Holistic Dedication

Our expert Psychology, Commissioning, and Residential Care teams work united to assess the individual needs of our children, providing a holistic commitment to match our young people to the best nurturing environments.

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A family feeling

Warm and welcoming homes, friendly and supportive team members, and young people nurtured in every aspect of their lives are what create the genuine sense of family that pervades Pebbles. It is this familial environment that allows for meaningful and long-lasting relationships to form and for collaboration and the drive for excellence to flow across our organisation.

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