Young people and carer gardening at a home.

Real family homes

Our therapeutic and safe homes support a range of needs for our children and young people.

With our three and four bed services, we promote a family dynamic and wholesome environment, allowing young people to develop positive relationships and integrate within real life social settings. We also have solo occupancies for those who require the solace that a secluded environment can provide.

Over the years, our services have built strong partnerships with local communities to support the integration of young people into daily life so that they can achieve positive outcomes outlined within each care plan.

Discover our homes

A unique identity

Our homes differ in size and are located in beautiful semi-rural settings. Whilst they all espouse the same values and ethos, each home reflects the essence of their individuality through the children and young people and care teams who bring their unique characteristics to the space.

Predictable care is essential to create safety for those whose lives have been characterised by chaos and disruption. We are clear about boundaries and develop routines that our young people soon come to expect, such as the smell of home-cooked meals and baking, and clean washing in sensory and therapeutic environments.

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