Day Placements

School Day Placements (ages 12-18)

We are delighted to offer our therapeutic and bespoke education on a day placement basis, where we provide one-to-one or group support within a small class environment.

Referrals are welcome from other care providers who want their young people to attend our schools for enriching learning journeys, and from local authorities for young people who have not been able to access mainstream education, inclusion hub/service, or another independent special school.

The main difference between Pebbles and other schools I have attended is one-to-one support throughout, group sessions with other young people, and support from all teachers.

K., Young Person

Referral Procedure

After you contact us to make a referral, we undertake examinations of educational needs to ensure they can be met. This is done through communication with stakeholders and previous provisions if possible.


We liaise with parents and multi-agency professionals to plan for admission. We accelerate the admissions process to ensure the student can be enrolled as quickly as possible.

Many young people attend part time for a period dictated by their needs. Most begin attending full time soon after their admission, typically between two and four weeks. Sometimes pupils attend full time within two weeks, where progress and engagement are positive.


Through our bespoke curricula, we have been able to offer SQA formal qualifications, SQA Personal Achievement Awards, GCSEs, PLAYBACK ICE, ASDAN Awards and college courses. We will always strive to help young people achieve their educational goals, and qualifications vary according to each student’s needs, prior experience, and aspirations.

Information & Fees

For further information and to learn about our education fees, please get in touch. Our dedicated referrals team will be delighted to explore options for your young person with you.

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