What is Therapeutic Parenting?

Therapeutic Parenting is an approach aimed at creating an environment and relationships that facilitate growth and change through a holistic therapeutic experience.

We ensure that every single interaction with our young people is therapeutic, and by focusing on the theory behind a young person’s experience, we transform the way we view and respond to their needs, enabling us to be compassionate and empathic carers who support them to feel safe and more positive about themselves.

Therapeutic 24/7

Through nurturing relationships, we help young people comprehend how their past painful experiences have influenced the way they think, feel, and behave so that they can embark on a journey of self-empowerment where behaviours rooted in self-harm can be replaced by those that embrace self-care.

Why we chose this approach to care and education

Traditionally, residential child care has been well-intended about managing behaviours and containing emotions, as well as meeting the needs for nurture and providing a positive experience for children and young people. However, only containing harmful behaviours leads to simply ‘fire-fighting’ and not addressing and meeting the individual needs.

We decided to develop our Therapeutic Parenting model to look beyond the presenting behaviours and understand the function they serve. As a result, we see behaviour as a form of communication, allowing us to meet the unmet need while supporting young people to recover from their early years’ traumatic experiences and manage their behaviour safely.

Embracing the pace model

Dr. Dan Hughes’ PACE model plays a significant role in our therapeutic approach.





A Playful approach ensures that we are aware of the power of play and can use playfulness in our everyday interactions. We use reflective practice to deepen our understanding of what Acceptance and non-judgement mean. Our style of communication and seeking to understand is why a gently Curious approach is always helpful. Lastly, we grasp an understanding of what true Empathy means as we try to reflect this in the way we care for and are with children and young people.

Our Therapeutic Parenting training programme

One of the best, most thought-provoking training courses I’ve ever been on! I enjoyed every minute of it.

- Sarah, Registered Manager

We developed a comprehensive four-day Therapeutic Parenting training that all our care teams attend within their first six months of employment with us. In this way, our team members can embrace this empowering model from the infancy of their Pebbles’ journey.

The first two days of training focus on academic theories. The second two days relate more to the practical application of these theories and how they impact on the way we care for our children and young people.

We have begun a journey of transformative change at Pebbles Care. Our therapeutic parenting approach at worst will do no harm to our young people; however, at best it can change their lives and those of future generations.

Joy Wakenshaw, Head of Care
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