Brightening young lives through bespoke therapeutic care and education

Nurture. Develop. Flourish.

As a private residential child care and education provider, we exist to nurture and develop through a unique bespoke and therapeutic practice, so that any given young person aged 8–18 welcomed into our family can flourish.

Residential Child Care

We offer specialist Residential Child Care across loving and nurturing homes in Scotland and England, where our children and young people experience a genuine sense of family and feel safe and valued.

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Education is a core element of our provision. We provide curricula tailored to the individual needs across our fully registered and well-established independent schools.

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Our bespoke care and education are supported by the invaluable input of a team of in-house psychologists, who offer Therapy to recover from early adversities and flourish through adulthood.

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Whether it be for care or education, our dedicated team will be delighted to explore options to support your young person.

Why we care

The world flourishes when happy and nurtured children are at its core.

With so many children and young people throughout the UK experiencing early years adversities, we decided to work closely with local authorities to offer a space where they can feel safe, valued, understood, and loved. Where they can freely share their dreams and fears. Where they can laugh, play, and trust others again. Because we believe that every child has the right to simply be a child.

The Pebbles difference





Our Therapeutic Parenting approach, Adapt Learning model, and therapy based on Forensic Psychology are unparalleled in the sector. Through our bespoke care and education, we support children and young people to develop in their own, beautiful way, so they can become healthy individuals who will contribute to creating a happier society.

Alongside sharing a passion for brightening young lives, we also share four core values that guide everything that we do, allowing us to work as one united family.

Real Pebbles Stories

The main difference between Pebbles and other schools I have attended is one-to-one support throughout, group sessions with other young people, and support from all teachers.

K., Young Person

I think everyone should have a therapist.

J., Young person

The team at South Lodge showed compassion and skill at managing the young person, which was exceptional considering the short nature of time as such they had worked with her.

D., Social Worker

I have been impressed by the care and communication that is received for my young person. They reassure her and meet her needs, as well as try to promote positive activities and engagement from her continually.

K., Social Worker

I cannot fault the placement; Pebbles’ team truly understands the task and executes their work well. My young person has grown and developed into a more confident young lady due to the work put in place by all the team.

A., Social Worker

The care and compassion at the home are brilliant. They are perfect at using distraction techniques with D. and they are more than capable of caring for her. D. feels valued as a result. Risks have been reduced thanks to the excellent communication and the commitment and care that are second to none.

Independent Reviewing Officer

I am more than happy with the care S. is receiving. The team is meeting his needs and managing him in a way I have never seen before. Previous placements have failed for S. and it’s so nice to see him settled again. The deputy manager has built up an excellent relationship with S. and I feel he has had a massive positive impact on him, becoming an excellent male role model. S. spends time with him doing ‘boy stuff’, which is very important considering S. has an absent father. All the team members are wonderful. The home manager has been friendly and welcoming. She always keeps me in the loop and has a pleasant attitude towards S. and her team.

D., Social Worker

I would place any of my children at Pebbles.

F., Social Worker

Pebbles’ team communicates well with me and provides regular progress updates. Everyone at the home works collaboratively with the placing authority to implement safety plans. There are no areas where the home could improve.

C., Social Worker

I think that Pebbles is outstanding, quite honestly.

K., Social Worker

Would you like to brighten young lives as part of our family?

If you are passionate about supporting young people to develop and flourish, then we want to hear from you. This can be the opportunity to embark on a meaningful and long-lasting career journey that will lead to astonishing outcomes.

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