Our Therapeutic Support

Our psychologists work closely with the Head of Care Practice, Area Managers, Registered Managers, and Education Team to ensure that children receive therapeutic assistance that is underpinned by psychological and systemic principles that aid trauma recovery.

Our comprehensive therapeutic support

Level 1: Core Therapeutic Care

Our core support is offered to all the young people welcomed at Pebbles and includes:

  • Psychological input as part of a referral and robust matching process
  • Delivery of on-going needs-led training for employees
  • Training in and gatekeeping of the assessment and formulation process
  • Psychoeducation training
  • Support for care teams to implement therapeutic activities
  • Monthly consultations with each residential home team
  • Participation in care team development days
  • Professional oversight of Therapeutic Parenting programme integrity

Level 2: Enhanced Therapeutic Care

When we understand that young people might benefit from additional support, we can offer:

  • Seasons for Growth: A group work that strengthens the social and emotional wellbeing of individuals dealing with significant life changes.
  • Mellow Ready: A trauma informed group programme for the ‘potential parents of the future’, to enable young people to make sense of their experiences and learn how to form and build healthy relationships.
  • Zones of Regulation: A programme (group or 1:1 sessions) to identify emotions and levels of alertness and, through a range of tools and activities, develop independent regulation skills.

Level 3: Specialist Therapeutic Care

Depending on the level of needs of each young person, we are also able to offer:

  • Trauma, mental health, social and emotional developmental age assessments
  • Cognitive functioning; Executive functioning; Adaptive functioning, and Memory assessments
  • Forensic psychological risk assessments for high risk of harm
  • Individualised therapy options e.g., Hourly 1:1 therapy utilising ‘Change for Good’, and ‘Violence is not the only choice’ (VINTOC)

Our Range of Individualised Therapies

Our Head of Psychology and one of our trainee forensic psychologists are qualified Child & Adolescent Psychotherapists. All other assistant psychologists and trainee psychologists have completed Level 2 courses approved by the Association for Psychological Therapies, therefore they can provide:

R.’ story

R. joined Pebbles in 2020 and requested psychological therapy to manage her anger, harm towards others, and running away from home. Initially, we undertook psychoeducation on fight or flight responses and why these can occur. This included an understanding of physiological feelings as ‘messages’ of perceived threats.

We then undertook 18 sessions of ‘Zones of Regulation’, which helped R. identify emotions that contributed to her fight or flight reactions. We also worked on emotional regulation and distress tolerance strategies to manage these physiological and emotional responses.

Through this therapeutic journey, there has been a reduction in fight or flight responses, substantially reducing harm to others and running away from home.

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