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At Pebbles, we recognise that traditional mainstream educational models are not appropriate for severely traumatised young people, so we developed Adapt Learning to offer individualised and bespoke education pathways that offer life-changing opportunities.

Within a small class environment, and with the full embracement of our Therapeutic Parenting model, our schools provide a range of qualifications through bespoke curricula to equip young people for their future. Alongside academic opportunities through classroom based, remote and online learning, we also offer vocational opportunities.

Nurture, develop and see our pupils flourish

We make up for lost ground by nurturing young people and building their self-esteem through relevant and stimulating holistic learning experiences. This is supported by child-centred therapeutic input to help young people regulate their emotions and feel safe.

Barriers to engagement are identified, in partnership with our psychology team, and approaches planned, implemented, and reviewed for pupils to ensure they are fully engaged in their own learning pathway. Moreover, we continually strive to:

Members of our psychology team can conduct specialist assessments such as the SEDAL (Social, Emotional, Developmental Age Level) behavioural assessment scale to support the education team to understand individual educational needs.

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Qualifications & Vocational Skills Programme

We strive to help young people achieve their educational goals, and qualifications vary according to each student’s needs, prior experience, and aspirations. Through our bespoke curricula, we have been able to offer:

As well as academic subjects delivered through an interdisciplinary approach, we encourage young people to succeed in vocational aspects. Our work-based learning curriculum gives pupils hope for the future by making a successful career a reality through practical skills in any of the following:

Wider Achievement Programme

Our Wider Achievement programme is aimed at building work-related skills as well as self-esteem and resilience by providing young people with the opportunity to enjoy activities they have not been able to experience before. Through our skills profiling, we identify interests and ensure the appropriate skills are developed and enhanced.

We recognise the place education plays in both the development of resilience and improved life chances and are therefore committed to the concept of the twenty-four-hour curriculum. Our residential homes are ‘living-learning’ environments where education is delivered in its broadest sense and creativity is nurtured through a range of learning activities.

Teaching approaches are underpinned by positive relationships and well considered interventions to support young people in their learning. Pebbles’ teaching team knows young people well and understands when they need additional support and encouragement.

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