Got a query? We’d love to chat.

Our friendly team is available from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, and would be delighted to hear from you and help you with general enquiries, referrals, or questions about our career opportunities.

Please reach out to the relevant department directly, or simply fill in our enquiry form by choosing the most suitable option.


If you have a reference request, please contact our HR team on the below details.


Whether you are curious about joining our family or are already in the process of becoming part of the Pebbles’ team, our recruitment team is on hand to answer your questions.


Our commissioning team is looking forward to hearing from you to explore the best options for your young person.

Our team members direct lines:

Karen Blanchard Ellis

Head of Commissioning

07545 645 358

Michael Watson

Referrals Coordinator

07868 787 235

Lauren Wilkinson

Referrals Coordinator

07473 769 852

Aimee Hughes

Referrals Coordinator

07475 089 919

Margaret Barclay

Referrals Coordinator

07473 767 993

General Enquiries

We are happy to assist you with general enquiries at:


For enquiries regarding any of our current young people or from our local partners, please contact the appropriate Area Manager:

North East

Dave Hitchen

07824 770 304

Scotland (North)

Maureen Cassidy

07825 338 581

Scotland (South)

Annette Steedman

07747 707 138


Zoe Charnock

07868 792 095


Luke Chadwick

07458 650 468

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