At Pebbles, we have a dedicated team of in-house psychologists, and every home has an Assistant Psychologist or Trainee Forensic Psychologist as part of their team.

This is uncommon for a company of our size and is testament to our commitment to enhancing positive outcomes for the people in our care and education.

Having a psychology team within Pebbles enables us to understand children’s diverse needs, provide interventions to address risks that may lead to further adversity, and promote resilience by focusing on their protective factors. Collectively, these allow us to offer life-changing opportunities to recover from trauma and positively shape the future of children and young people.

The importance of therapy to overcome trauma

The early years’ adversities experienced by our children and young people influence the way they see the world around them and behave, even unconsciously. This is why our children require intensive therapeutic care and education within the environment in which they live and learn.

Our psychologists help children recover from early traumatic experiences while providing opportunities for their growth and development. We support young people to make sense of their experiences, thoughts, feelings, and behaviour since, without this, there will be little by way of recovery.

Pebbles’ psychology team are dedicated professionals who apply psychological theory and research to their practice with young people and the teams that support them.

Faiza Ghafoor, Psychology Team

I think everyone should have a therapist.

- J., Young person

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