Successful transitions to independence

A lot of the work our teams do is to help prepare our young people for a transition into independent living and setting them up for success in their adult lives. Although it’s a bittersweet moment to say goodbye to our young people who have been with us for years, the pride our teams have in seeing their young people flourish is unmatched. We have some recent examples of our young people moving on to independence.

Bell View Cottage

In January, our Bellview team said goodbye to A. who had been with them for five years. To celebrate the milestone of A. moving on, the team at Bell View threw a party where colleagues and young people from other homes attended.

Jadwiga, our Registered Manager at Bell View, said,

“A. has grown into a beautiful young adult right in front of us and it was great to see her move on to her own home. We have been preparing her for the move for the past year and are super proud and happy for her to be living in such a state-of-the-art cottage.

“This transition was nothing but a pleasure which is down to the Bell View team going the extra mile for our young person. It is the best transition I have ever been part of.”

A. is now happy and settled in her new home and has expressed her gratitude to everyone who has supported her over the last five years to get to this point.

Cara House

After over three years at Cara House, our young person H. has also made the move to semi-independence. While this transition wasn’t without its challenges, with H. initially being reluctant to leave, his dedicated team ensured that every step of the transition for him was thoughtful, caring and that H. felt supported every step of the way.

We are so proud of H. and are excited for him to undertake this new chapter of his journey towards greater independence. The team at Cara House have been nothing short of impeccable during this time and their commitment to H.’s wellbeing has been exemplary.

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