Annual Report on Duty of Candour 2023


The overall purpose of the duty of candour is to ensure that organisations are open, honest and supportive when there is an unexpected or unintended incident resulting in harm or death as defined by the Act.

Overview of our Organisation

Pebbles Care Ltd, is the parent company of Radical Services Ltd and Partners in Care Ltd. We provide Residential Children’s Care Homes across Scotland and Northern England. Currently there are 44 separate services, 17 of which are located in Scotland. Each home supports between 1 and 4 young people dependant on its size. Each home has a manager and a dedicated team of staff who support the young people into adulthood. The staff teams provide homely environments and consistent stable relationships for the young people.

All staff have a comprehensive induction and are offered regular learning and development opportunities.


Pebbles Care Ltd have trained all senior Managers (Area Managers and above) in Duty of Candour requirements and offer reflective opportunities to learn from their own and others practice.

Incident Reporting

Pebbles Care have adapted their incident and accident reporting procedures to ensure any incidents or accidents are assessed against the Duty of Candour guidance when being recorded and reported.

Duty of Candour Incidents

For the reporting period 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023, there were no incidents or accidents which resulted in harm or death as defined in the Act.

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