A Moss House success story

Our young person, M., at Moss House has a passion of following his dream of one day becoming a world class chef. After attending a 6-week cooking course over the summer, he was ready to take the next step towards achieving his dreams.

Supported by the Moss House team, he recently attended an open day and a taster day at Kendal College, with a view to applying and commencing a catering course in September 2024.

Afterwards, M. independently applied for the course. This decision was made on the back of him changing his mind about wanting to leave Moss House when he turns 16. He was then offered an interview which would consist of him watching a presentation and then potentially having to wait around for a while until his interview took place. The whole process was supposed to last for around two hours.

Within half an hour of the appointment starting, the staff member there supporting M. called the home’s Registered Manager Hayley to let her know that M. had something he wanted to tell her. M. spoke to Hayley and told her that he was called in almost immediately for his interview. It appears that the open day and taster day had given the college tutor and his team an incredible first and second impression of M. and they were extremely impressed by how he conducted himself and his passion and commitment to his future.

He continued to conduct himself well, answered some really hard questions (about his life, history and experiences) was able to hold good eye contact, control his tics, implement his breathing techniques and strategies that he has learned with the Moss House team and absolutely smashed the interview process out of the park. So much so, he has been offered a placement next year.

M. has had many obstacles in his path regarding his education, and his journey up to this point in his learning has some gaps.

After being offered his place on the course M. said he was so happy and proud of himself that he could cry. We’re all so proud of you too, M.!

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