The sky's the limit: Dale Cairns

Meet Dale Cairns, who has been making a significant impact at Pebbles for just over a year. Dale has always worked in the care sector and has a passion for helping people and making a real difference in their lives.

Before starting at Pebbles, Dale worked with adults and young adults aged between 18-42 with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Challenging times brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic inspired Dale to make the leap over into children’s residential care when he joined the Pebbles family at our Stormont home.

During the pandemic, Dale also discovered his love for hillwalking – a newfound hobby for him that emerged as a response to the limited options for leisure activities.

Formerly a skateboarder and football player for Kinnoull Juniors, Dale and a few friends took to the hills, turning their new passion into a charitable endeavour. They took on An Teallach, which is just north of Torridon on the west coast of Scotland, to raise funds for the Archie Foundation – a local charity dedicated to assisting hospitalised children and their families. The endeavour raised an impressive £3.5k.

In the short space of three years, Dale has already summitted 108 Munros and he aims to complete the rest of them within the next two years. He has his sights set on saving the Cuillin range on the Isle of Skye as his final Munros. One of Dale’s proudest achievements is conquering the 12 Mullardoch Munros in 36 hours.

Dale’s thirst for adventure doesn’t stop there. With plans to tackle bigger mountains, he has set his sights on Mont Blanc and, the following year, Kilimanjaro. For Dale, the exhilaration of mountaineering is unparalleled—it’s a feeling of absolute freedom.

In his pursuit of excellence, Dale Cairns, a valued member of the Pebbles team, has enrolled in a mountaineering course in March in Aviemore. This commitment not only reflects his dedication to personal growth but also underscores the remarkable work-life balance he has achieved while also making a positive impact at Pebbles. Dale really exemplifies the perfect harmony between career and personal passion.

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