Meet the Team: Paula Barclay

For the past 16 years, we have been fortunate to have Paula Barclay as part of the Pebbles family. Starting off her career journey as a bank worker and progressing her way to Deputy Manager. We caught up with Paula to hear more about her career.

Paula joined the Pebbles family at our Tanglewood home. Her career journey has paralleled the company’s growth – from its humble beginnings with only two homes in Scotland, Tanglewood and Kyllimoons, to its expansion to 45 homes across the UK. Paula has evolved alongside the company, growing and navigating any challenges that come her way.

Paula’s unwavering commitment and hard work saw her advance to the role of Deputy Manager at Tanglewood in 2010.

Throughout her years working at Tanglewood, Paula has cultivated meaningful connections with remarkable individuals, including Ann Moffat, who was previously the Registered Manager at Tanglewood and has since transitioned to the Compliance team.

Paula also shares history with Jane Kerr, Tanglewood’s current Registered Manager. Paula worked with Jane as an Autism Practitioner in her previous job which she held for eight years prior to joining Pebbles.

Paula embraces the fact that every day at work is different because every young person is different and so what you see one day is not always necessarily what you’ll see the next day. Paula demonstrates the patience of a saint at work, though she humorously acknowledges the different dynamic she has with her own kids. Having raised two daughters and now revelling in the joys of being a gran to a delightful six-year-old granddaughter, Paula brings a wealth of life experience to her role.

Beyond her working life, Paula loves spending time with her family, savouring moments outdoors through activities like walking, biking, or indulging in a good book. With an eldest daughter at 28, a younger one at 25, and her granddaughter who is her “wee best friend,” Paula relishes the joy of spoiling her, embracing the cherished role of a gran.

Paula Barclay is not just a vital part of the Pebbles family; she infuses passion, dedication and humility into everything she does.

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