Nikola’s Meals

At Pebbles Care we feel privileged to be able to offer support to young people and to help inspire them to be their best self. We are proud, therefore, to share the great endeavour, selflessness and talent of our young person Nikola who helped raise £251.20 for the Mary’s Meals initiative.

Mary`s Meals are a charitable organisation whose aim is to set up school feeding programmes in some of the world`s poorest communities where poverty and hunger stop children from having access to an education. Together with Vicki and the team at Jasper House, Nicola helped promote and plan a coffee morning with freshly baked cakes and refreshments.

Judith Walton, Teacher at Pebbles Learning and Skills Centre, Dunfermline, has been instrumental in building a partnership with Mary’s Meals and was overwhelmed by the exceptional effort from Nicola and the team:

“Nicola showed what a talented young girl she is, and the positive relationships she has built with the school and the team at Jasper House was the driving force behind a successful event”

As well as fundraising to support the food costs for children the team have also collaborated with our pupils, and Judith and the team at Pebbles Learning and Skills Centre, Dunfermline to engage in the Backpack project. This involved providing a new or used backpack with a notepad, pencil, pens, crayons, eraser, sharpener, ruler, pencil case, towel, shorts or a skirt, t-shirt or a dress, flip flops or sandals, tennis ball, soap, toothbrush and a dessert spoon or tea spoon.

Thus far, we have have raised £251.20, filled 10 backpacks and are looking to continue our great partnership with the team at Mary’s Meals.