An Emotional Poem on Mental Health

An Emotional Poem on Mental Health

One of our wonderful young people recently took part in a writing competition organised by CAMHS for Mental Health Awareness, submitting a touching poem that contains an encouraging message of hope and resilience for those struggling with mental health difficulties.

The competition covered the whole of Dumfries and Galloway and we are very proud to announce that our young person was chosen as the winner. L. found the courage to share personal and possibly difficult thoughts and experiences with the aim of helping others in similar situations. The raw emotions contained in this poem are extremely touching and very deserving of this win. We hope you’ll find inspiration in L.’s words.

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A Poem by L.
Mental health is an ocean of destruction with an eruption.

They didn’t look after me,
But I looked after myself.

When the waves crash it makes my head bash.

My dad was a shore to all my siblings,
I made my siblings lives better,
But worse for myself.

The waves started to shout, surrounding everything they touched.

Family members have let me down,
But I got stronger than ever.

I started to think about what the ocean was dealing with,
I asked the waves, I said “talk to me, tell me your anger troubled sea".

It's like a stormy day on the rocks.
The waves hissed don’t judge me.
My behaviour is caused by your kind,
Your kind has let me down about your littering,
I am worth nothing to your kind.

I started to tell the sea that being angry doesn’t help, it only makes things worse.

There is a lot of things you can do other than be angry or sad,
Like doing some breathing exercises.

The waves took one big breath, the waves started to relax and felt half of the problems go.

I told him some of the things that happened, I said I had a black cloud that followed me everywhere,
But I started to kick it off then I got happier telling people about it.

Soon the black cloud went away and that is what you should do,
Anything bothering you, you must let someone know.

The waves said I will, the waves led me back to shore.

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I will tell anyone who reads this, if you are going through any mental health struggles, there is someone out there for you to talk to. Don’t let your problems slide it or it can build up on you. Everyone in CAMHS and LAC is there for you and can support you. Please take this advice from my poem, everything gets better in the end.

L., Young Person