Amber House: Rated Outstanding by Ofsted

Amber House: Rated Outstanding by Ofsted

Amber House: Rated Outstanding by Ofsted images

Amber House, one of our warm and welcoming Pebbles Care homes in Yorkshire, was recently rated Outstanding in all areas by Ofsted.

The recognition of our team’s commitment towards providing outstanding care to children and young people makes us extremely proud. Our teams are the driving force behind this organisation, and it is thanks to them that the children and young people in our care find their way to thrive.

Highlights from the Ofsted report

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Ofsted highlighted that “children’s future life opportunities are significantly enhanced by the quality of care that they receive. They benefit tremendously from the consistent, stable, and loving relationships that they have with the team. This enables children to grow, explore who they are, and develop a sense of belonging.”

It was recognised that our young people are actively encouraged to participate and contribute towards decisions made about their care. Our team ensure that the right support is in place for every individual and, as a result, “children are flourishing in all aspects of their lives.”

Ofsted appreciated that Amber House developed a homely and interactive environment, which includes a ‘Positivity Tree’, where everyone can add their thoughts to the branches, so views and worries can be expressed indirectly and safely. Young people are supported to embrace difference, and this allows them to feel protected and valued.

Risk management has not been identified as punitive, but rather as dynamic. In this way, our children manage to learn from mistakes and respond to support when they feel challenged.

It was also acknowledged that Luke Chadwick, Registered Manager, established an ethos that “has the children’s emotional well-being as its primary focus.”

Thoughts from the Registered Manager

Amber House: Rated Outstanding by Ofsted Luke Chadwick

We asked two questions to Luke Chadwick, who was delighted to share some insights about Amber House accomplishment.

What made your team achieve this incredible outcome?

I truly believe that my team are amongst the best in the industry. They have skills that are unteachable, and their level of dedication to their roles is unrivalled. The team fully understand the needs of each young person who comes through, focusing on developing meaningful, caring, and positive relationships with the young people we care for, providing bespoke support to each of them.

The teams’ commitment to their training is admirable, always ensuring they remain up to date with the most recent training. They are all accountable for their own development and take this responsibility seriously.

Amber House team members always go the extra mile. They seek out appropriate support for the young people, ensure they are fully involved in the process, and provide consistency, which in turn creates a level of security and safety.

Working together collaboratively has been a major contributing factor. The team help and support each other as they all understand the impacts of our job. They are empathetic to each other as well as the young people and work together to ensure the shared goals and aims are met.

The team have shown that they accept the vision of the company, embracing the progressive approach that is being adopted.

What does this result mean to you?

As a manager, I am just the person steering the ship. The team around me within Amber House are the engine, the driving force. They are the ones that inspire me daily for all the reasons outlined above, and I am genuinely in awe of them.

Ofsted judgements should not be the reason we work hard for our young people. Ofsted should not drive our actions or outline how we should care, but I am incredibly proud of my team, and for their efforts to be validated by the judgement is fantastic.

As a manager, it means more to me to see my teams’ commitment rewarded!

The team around me within Amber House are the engine, the driving force. They are the ones that inspire me daily, and I am genuinely in awe of them.

Luke Chadwick, Registered Manager