Working in Care: A Recession-Proof Career

At times when the economy is unsettled, job opportunities that offer security and access to long-term career pathways are what many people long for.

The recent forecast shared by the Bank of England doesn’t picture a glowing period for the UK’s economy, but thankfully there exist recession-proof jobs that will make you feel secure during uncertain times. Care is a sector that offers many fantastic opportunities with the benefit of security and longevity.

If you have a caring nature and a passion for supporting others to thrive in all they do, a career in care is the option that not only offers you stability but also one where you can develop your natural skills and build meaningful relationships with others.

Helping with homeworks at Pebbles

What does a residential child care provider do?

Sadly, way too many children and young people end up in the care system for many reasons that are rarely their fault. They might present challenging behaviours due to high levels of trauma and neglect experienced in early childhood and simply need a safe place to call ‘home’.

At Pebbles, we welcome children and young people in 45 residential homes and two schools, where we don’t purely focus on meeting basic needs. What we want is for the individuals in our care and education to experience a genuine sense of family through innovative schools and loving homes decorated with their input, where they are supported to overcome their challenges and embark on self-healing journeys through a unique trauma-informed practice. We adopt therapeutic care through a method that is called Therapeutic Parenting, which is the basis of the non-judgmental and life-changing relationships formed between our teams and young people.

Working in our homes means ‘being there’ for our children, meeting their physical and emotional needs, and becoming the family and role models that they need to unclok brighter futures.

Is it possible to develop in the role?

Our residential children’s homes offer the loving and nurturing space where young people can flourish and where our teams can progress in their careers while doing something that is truly meaningful.

Many of our colleagues have joined Pebbles as Residential Child Care Workers and, through learning and development opportunities and relevant courses which we fund, they have had a wonderful progression in their roles. Some have become Deputy or Registered Managers of our welcoming homes, and others have joined other teams, such as Commissioning or Psychology, or are now covering higher management roles, like the Area Managers. This demonstrates that the opportunities to grow and progress are truly endless.

I have worked at Pebbles Care since 2008 and have felt that my development was well supported and enabled me to progress from Residential Child Care Worker to Area Manager.

Area Manager at Pebbles Care

What roles are available in residential child care?

It might be easy to just think about the roles in the homes when referring to the residential child care sector, but there are many other departments that support the organisation and are vital to its success. The dedicated teams we have at Pebbles are:

  • Residential Child Care
  • Education
  • Psychology
  • Learning & Development
  • Commissioning
  • HR
  • Recruitment
  • Marketing
  • Compliance
  • Health & Safety
  • Finance
  • Maintenance
  • Fleet Management
Pebbles Carer and Young People

Do you have what it takes to work in care?

Life experience or a burning desire to do something meaningful is sometimes all it takes to join the care sector. Therefore, regardless of your past experience, if you think that working in residential child care would be right for you, we would absolutely love to have a chat.

You can check our available roles here, or get in touch with our friendly recruitment team directly at recruitment@pebblescare.com or on 0330 170 0111. We look forward to hearing from you.