Jasper House

Jasper House

Jasper House is located in Castleford, West Yorkshire and is a detached four bed-roomed property.

Jasper House is in a suburban location surrounded by other houses in the small town of Castleford. Each young person has their own bedroom where there is privacy and space to do schoolwork.

Young people are given a key for their room and encouraged to take responsibility for their own space. Each young person’s bedroom is warm and bright and we encourage all those who come and live with us to bring their own personal possessions to make their bedroom feel their own and take ownership of their surroundings.

The staff team ensure that the environment of the home is maintained to a high standard and young people are encouraged to help with jobs to keep the communal areas clean and tidy.

Young people are encouraged, to use the kitchen for the preparation of food. We aim to ensure that our house reflects that of a family home where young people feel safe, relaxed and cared for in a non-institutionalised setting.

All young people residing at Jasper House can be educated at Eden Park Academy, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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