Welcome to Pebbles Care.

Pebbles Care work in partnership with Partners-in-Care and Radical Services offering short, medium and long term placements to young people (between 8 – 18 years of age) who have experienced family or placement breakdown, emotional and behavioural difficulties or other significant interruptions in their lives.

We provide fun, educational and stimulating care to young people in small family style homes which have been specifically designed so that each person feels safe and comfortable in their surroundings.

Pebbles Care attempt to replicate a positive family life in their houses, offering a high level of nurture while taking great care to avoid any feeling of isolation. Each young person is assigned a key-worker who plays a pivotal role in their recovery
process, particularly in developing their ability to attach and to unlock their full potential.

All young people placed in our care receive a first class education at our Independent School, Eden Park Academy in Leeds which is dedicated to furthering their pupils’ training, literacy and grades.

Ofsted logoAll our homes are inspected and registered by OFSTED and are regularly visited by our In House Compliance Inspector to provide a thorough inspection and report in line with Regulation 44 of the Children’s Home’s regulations, 2001.

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10:01:2013 Ofsted inspection
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