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Thistlebank is a detached two-bedroom single storey property located on the outskirts of Cumnock in East Ayrshire.

We aim to ensure that our house reflects that of a family home where young people feel safe, relaxed and cared for in a non-institutionalised setting.

The house has a utility room, a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, large lounge and a conservatory. There are two bedrooms for young people with a communal bathroom. There is a separate toilet for the staff along with an office and sleep-in area. Each of the young person’s bedrooms are warm and bright and we encourage all those who come and live with us to bring their own personal possessions to make their bedroom feel like their own, allowing them to flourish. We also provide a TV and CD/radio in each bedroom.

Staff ensure that the environment of the home is maintained to a high standard and young people are encouraged to help with jobs to keep the communal areas clean and tidy. Young people are encouraged to use the kitchen for the preparation of food. Outside the property there is a huge garden with lawned areas where children and young people can both play and relax.

At our most recent Care Inspection young people and social workers commended the supportive and understanding approach of staff. Young people confirmed that they felt “supported, respected, and understood.”

They described Thistlebank as “spot-on” and confirmed that they had been supported by staff to maintain contact with their family through meetings at a half-way point. (Young person and social workers, 2019)

  • Therapeutic Assessment
  • Trauma Informed Care through application of PACE model
  • Psychological Support from Forensic Psychologist, Sharron Reilly
  • Education provision at Pebbles Learning and Skills Centre

Home Details

2 person home
Cumnock, Ayrshire

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