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Emerald House

Emerald is a terrace house with the young person’s bedroom being the whole top floor. There is a bathroom, staff sleep room, kitchen and living room. It has a small garden but plenty of open spaces nearby.

The home is based on 1:1 staffing, and it aims to be like that of a family-led environment. With there being only one young person in the home means that the care can be completely tailored to the young person’s needs.

The young person is given a key for their room and encouraged to take responsibility for their own space. The bedroom is warm and bright and we encourage all those who come and live with us to bring their own personal possessions so they can make their bedroom feel as much their own as possible, encouraging them to take ownership of their surroundings.

There is a small staff team who use a high nurture approach combined with therapeutic parenting. The team at Emerald House have a good understanding of childhood development, attachment, and trauma informed care. This feeds into how they work with the young person and all care planning.

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1 person home
Leeds, West Yorkshire

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