Cara House

Cara House is situated in the Roundhay area of Leeds which accommodates three young people.

Cara House offer on-going care and support for our young people by adapting to their individual needs, building strong, trusting relationships, providing emotional support, and having friendly approaches. The staff are child-centred, nurturing, safe, calm under pressure, and excellent communicators. This encourages our young people to feel safe, secure, comfortable, and confident when communicating with each other and staff within the home.

Our young people are encouraged to choose healthier options with their food choices, to be involved in chores such as cleaning their bedrooms, changing their bedding, and transporting to destinations independently, to develop their skills in independence.

Staff at Cara House promote building life skills such as cooking, cleaning, managing their own feelings and behaviours and understanding other’s feelings. Our aim is to encourage our young people to be confident, caring, empathetic and to be prepared for adulthood and leaving care.

Home Details

3 person home
Leeds, West Yorkshire

A closer look at Cara House


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