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Our Culture

At Pebbles Care, people are at the heart of everything we do

It is those who work for us and the young people we provide care and education to that make Pebbles Care so special. We are committed to creating a positive and inclusive environment where everyone is valued. Whether it be a young person or a team member, we always go the extra mile to understand our people’s needs, so they can thrive in their lives and roles.

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Our Leaders

Our successful leaders are viewed as facilitators, mentors, team builders and problem solvers.

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Our People

Our People share our values and are accountable, considerate and collaborative, working together as one team to be the best they possibly can be, both individually and collectively.

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Our Young People

Our young people are provided with a safe, happy environment where they are compassionately nurtured and supported to develop and flourish.

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of our employees say tasks assigned to them by their line manager helps them grow professionally


of our employees say they feel comfortable in providing upwards feedback to their line manager


of our employees say they are proud of our Brand


of our employees say they have fun at work on a daily basis


of our employees say they receive regular recognition and or praise from their manager


of our employees say their line manager is transparent and trustworthy

Our Core Values

Pebbles Care’s core values represent the central, underlying philosophy that guides our business and employees. They influence everything that we do, from the way we interact with each other, to the meaningful relationships we build with our children and young people.

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Employees know what is expected of them.

We accept responsibility for our own words, actions and results, both individually and collectively.

We take responsibility for our own health and safety, and the safety of others.

We take responsibility for creating a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment, for our team members and the young people in our care and education.

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To be respectful in our relationships with colleagues, customers, and young people in our care.

Zero tolerance to bullying and harassment.

Showing and demonstrating empathy for colleagues and young people in our care.

We value diverse talents, initiatives and leadership.

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We work together to be more effective, efficient and fulfilled.

We achieve as a team what individuals cannot.

We celebrate the success of others.

We will work together to meet the needs of the young people in our care and education.

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We highly value the process of recognition and improvement.

We give 100% in all that we do and approach everything with a can do attitude.

We actively support performance measurement and reporting, in order to facilitate improvement and progress within the Company.

Defining and living by our values

At Pebbles Care, our established values are embedded in every aspect of our organisation’s culture, and we encourage everyone to practice them. Our culture aligns with our core values, creating a shared, enduring and positive working environment for all.

Our Teams

Our passionate teams are the beating heart of Pebbles. They continually strive to ensure that our care and education are delivered at the highest standards by working collaboratively as a one, united family.

Our People

We are proud to have the most talented, passionate and caring individuals in our team. The exceptional contribution of our people is what makes Pebbles one of the leading children’s care and education providers in the UK.

Our Recruitment Process

Our thorough recruitment process allows us to bring on-board only the best professionals who align with our core values, ensuring consistency and excellence across all teams.

How to apply?

You can view our current vacancies on our careers page

There are a range of exciting opportunities to join us. Why not discover through which of our roles you would thrive and make a positive impact on the lives of our children and young people? We would love to receive your application.

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