At Pebbles Care we currently have over 600 members of our team and support 110 children and young people within our residencies.

With so much positive work taking place in support of young people in both life and learning, we want to to be share our message with as large an audience as possible and especially with those individuals who are invested in our mission to be an outstanding childcare company. As well as providing a current insight into how we deliver trauma informed practice and some of out specialised therapies including farm living therapy, our social media platforms will also enable us to more effectively advertise opportunities we may have to join our team and events where we can demonstrate how we support young people in Care and Education.

National Referrals Manager James Doyle, who oversees the communications of the organisation, stated it was an exciting time for the Pebbles team as its message is really starting to make some impact:

The journey of the young people within our Care is truly inspirational and we are now committed to sharing our practice with our colleagues and partners in a manner that is befitting to the innovative and forward thinking personality of the organisation

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