Pastoral Support

At Eden Park Academy we believe in progress at all levels in all areas for all students. We track the wellbeing and stability indicators of our young people and implement appropriate interventions to overcome barriers to progress: academic and pastoral. Trauma Pathway data informs this process.

Our excellent working relationships with our colleagues in our Pebbles Care homes ensure that joint targets are tracked using our daily narratives to ensure the young person receives a 24-hour care and education package. Through clear and purposeful communication we are able to restore relationships quickly and build trust and respect.

We resolve conflict quickly and all staff are trained in de-escalation techniques to ensure inclusion in education for all our learners. We are committed to all young people accessing an education meeting their needs regardless of their background. We have robust strategies in place for young people working towards full-time education who are not initially able to sustain a full-time placement. Our attendance rates are very favourable as a result.

Our staff build excellent working relationships with our learners and truly transform lives through compassion, professionalism and tenacity.

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