Our Journey

Sports day at Ruby House
Pebbles Care, Partners in Care and Radical Services has over fifteen years of experience in supporting some of the most vulnerable young people across in the United Kingdom. Born from a practice of innovation, dedication and excellence the organisation has grown into national service with 41 residencies and 4 schools that continue to meet the needs of young people and offer a stepping stone to a brighter future.

The journey started in 2003 when company Director Luiz Guilherme opened Pebbles House in Leeds, which supported 4 children and young people. After commendation from our regulators in recognition of the positive work being achieved with the young people, the organisation began to grow organically in the Yorkshire area and Eden Park Academy Leeds was opened to offer both a living and learning solution for local authorities, in support of vulnerable young people in their constituency.

With increasing demand from our partner authorities for our services, which boasted a line of innovative therapies that were in line with our progressive Clinical Psychology model including Farm Living Therapy and the pioneering ‘Trauma Pathway’ model, which empowers young people to confront the trauma of failed attachment and affiliated mental health considerations, the organisation seeked to expand our model in support of young people across the United Kingdom.

In September 2009 the Cumbria and Lancashire based Service, Partners in Care was brought into the Pebbles family and in May 2010 the Scotland based provider Radical Services was acquired to promote our message in Scotland. With the further acquisitions of Prospect Care Homes, Crossway Children Services and Forth Craig the Pebbles portfolio has grown in line with the needs and demands of local authorities and their young people.

In the last fifteen years the Pebbles team has continued to grow, evolve and adapt to the emerging needs of young people who require significant support and we have earned a reputation for best supporting those with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, as well as mental health concerns. The skill variation within across our portfolio of services has helped us support young people suffering from mental health considerations, as well as issues of risk and safety including:

  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Attachment
  • ADHD
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Self-Harm
  • Suicide
  • Trauma

We have since significantly invested in empowering our staff to make a difference for young people and this has been achieved through opening our own training centre that ensures we can meet and exceed our own high standards of self-improvement. Our practice centres on trauma informed practice and the ‘Trauma Pathway’ continues to be significant in equipping young people to develop a resiliency and understanding to achieve in future living.

Our Journey1

Young people holidaying in Portugal!
Our Journey2

Outdoor learning!
At Pebbles Care we treat each young person as an individual and respond directly to level of need and we will deliver a living and learning experience that meets the needs of each young person. Our Eden Park Academy schools offer a personalised learning experience and small class groupings that supports pupils with significant barriers to their learning to attain and achieve.

Our commitment is to the young people we support and to our talented and professional team who champion our mission to be an ‘Outstanding Child Care Company’ in all aspects of our practice and we will continue to insist upon being the reason someone smiles today.