Pebbles is preparing to unveil its newly designed and developed website, alongside a refreshed and rejuvenated brand direction in July.

The decision to embark on this new identity is more than an aesthetic consideration. It has just as much to do with presenting the culture of care and dedication its care workers, educators and therapists share with the wider management and stakeholders in its ‘all in this together’ pursuit towards making a real difference to vulnerable young people’s lives.

It is those very individuals that inspire the team to be the best they can be and becomes the driving force behind the passion this organisation applies at every level, in every home, and in every school.

The caring culture embedded in everyone involved at Pebbles is one of nurturing, developing, and striving to ensure all those in its care are given the opportunity to truly flourish. This is a core message that needs clear representation.

The website is a new window into the ethos

The new website and branding are the first step in showing the world just how much the organisation believes in its ethos.

Whether it’s Local Authorities, those looking to embark on a career in childcare provision or the parents and young people themselves, the website will offer a window into how Pebbles operate, why it is different and provide the proof that its unique service of combined care, therapy and education is delivered with resounding success.

The new direction has applied a well-considered creative approach in making certain that the team’s passion and its expertise are brought to the forefront, as well as the incredible achievements of its young people. The project has become as much about making those voices heard as it has the organisations.

It won’t come as any surprise to those that already know the people behind the organisation that it is beyond excited to share this new identity and direction. This is Pebbles Care starting anew by not undervaluing its passion and making sure its message is clearer than ever before…

Pebbles exists to nurture and develop, so that any given young person welcomed into its care will flourish. Not long now until you can see how.