Knockenshang is a very rural placement located in the middle of the Forest of Ae in Dumfrieshire. The nearest town is Dumfries, which is 17 miles from Knockenshang. Knockenshang is a small but, very homely detached three bedded property. We aim to ensure that our house reflects that of a family home where young people feel safe, relaxed and cared for.

Specialist CSE Provision

Our Knockenshang residential service provides specialist support for three young women particularly vulnerable to Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), aged between 12 and 18. Based in a very rural location in the forest of Ae, Dumfries, the young people are removed from the immediate dangers of community living and do not have access to social media, the internet or mobile phones.

The staff team within Knockenshang have received specialist CSE training from Barnardo’s, which enhances the level of support and safety provided to young people. The team at Knockenshang are highly trained in CSE, as well as Trauma Informed Practice, Mental Health and Attachment and have considerable experience in:

Our partnership with Barnardo’s has enabled us to provide the team at Knockenshang with TIER 2: Advanced Child Sexual Exploitation training; enabling them to create a therapeutic environment at Knockneshang as the team have a considerable understanding of:

Knockenshang, therefore, promotes an environment not only where young people can remain safe but where they can explore their feeling of self and why they place themselves at risk, instilling a degree of resilience that will allow them to achieve a safe, independent and dynamic lifetime.

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