Welcome to Glen Cottage

Glen Cottage

Glen Cottage is a Two bedded detached home situated in a quiet location in Dullatur, Cumbernauld. The home offers 24 hours care to two young persons cared for by two residential childcare workers at any given time.

The house comprises of the following:

Top Floor & Stairway

  • Young persons bathroom
  • Young person bedroom
  • Staff sleep over room & En-suite
  • Small cupboard / storage space

Ground Floor

  • Office/Sleep over room
  • Living Room
  • 1 young persons bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Dining area


  • Large Back Garden
  • Small front garden
  • Front Parking Area

Glen Cottage is located close to local facilities, nature walks and transport links which provides the young person will flexible opportunities to access and experience a variety of activities and interests.

Home Details

2 person home
0 placements available
Dullatur, Cumbernauld

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