Fantastic Feedback for the Pebbles’ Compliance Team

We are delighted to share that Pebbles’ Compliance Team received some extremely positive feedback from our homes, which reflects the great work they do to assist our continuous development.

Here at Pebbles, we are dedicated to achieving a high standard in all we deliver and are always looking for ways in which we can improve and develop in all areas. Our Compliance Team plays a big part in achieving this goal by regularly reviewing our services through monthly visits, providing praise where high standards are being delivered, as well as offering advice and support if anything could use improvement.

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Our residential homes find visits from the Compliance Team extremely helpful. This is something that we are very happy about as our homes and carers are, of course, an integral part of Pebbles. As such, it is crucial that they receive the advice and support needed to successfully develop and create the best environments possible for our young people.

What the Registered Managers said

Here are some of the comments shared by our Registered Managers, highlighting the positive impact of the Compliance Team and why they are so important to the ongoing development of Pebbles.

It is clear that each of my inspectors has a passion for their position and a burning desire to support managers to be their best and lead successful homes.

J. Registered Manager
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I like that our inspectors have a lot of experience from different backgrounds, which you can use to learn from and develop. I think that it’s nice to be able to tap into other people’s knowledge and try new ideas.

S. Registered Manager
Fantastic Feedback for the Pebbles' Compliance Team Sarah Mason Photo 262 edited scaled

I have a good relationship with my inspector that enables me to talk over any issues in the home. He writes very fair reports that reflect the good work we do with our young people and is also supportive with suggestions for improvements.

K. Registered Manager
Fantastic Feedback for the Pebbles' Compliance Team Sarah Mason Photo 283 edited scaled

Our inspector’s reviews and reports on the home have enabled me to look for ways to improve for our young people and support the care team.

K. Registered Manager

I absolutely love how I get tested in my inspections and really challenged as a manager, this is where my development stems from 100%! The inspectors don’t simply offer an interaction where I get asked a question and supply an answer, they rather choose to open different areas of our care practice and walk us down a path that encourages us to look at processes from a variety of views and experiences to enhance the home, team and children’s lives.

J. Registered Manager

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