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Elayne Bryan
Contact details:
Mrs Elayne Bryan – Head Teacher,
Eden Park Academy,
119 Warwick Road,
CA1 1JZ.
01228 537609

Eden Park Academy Carlisle serves the young people living in our homes in Cumbria. It has a warm and caring ethos and its Victorian building fosters a family feel.

The very experienced and skilled staff team ensure our young people profit from the very positive working relationships developed very soon after young people start to attend the school. Our SENDCO works closely with our young people to support their needs and ensure they progress to the best of their ability.

The programme of PE and Outdoor Learning is very inclusive and caters for all needs, as does the focus on literacy and numeracy to unlock the curriculum for all learners. Interdisciplinary learning is developed within the school with many opportunities to explore themed learning and increase the relevance of learning experiences.

Our workshop, situated nearby, allows young people to experience the full technologies curriculum.

Work-based learning is an important component within the Carlisle school, with many young people having experienced the world of work and securing a positive destination as a result.

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