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At Pebbles Education, we recognise that traditional mainstream educational models do not work for severely traumatised young people with attachment disorders, so we developed Adapt Learning, to offer individualised and bespoke education pathways.

Our Adapt Learning protocol is founded from the 6 Principles of Nurture, incorporating therapeutic parenting approaches, and seeks to breakdown traditionalist views whereby young people conform to a fixed programme of schooling. Adapt Learning advocates that Education should be developed around the individual needs, experiences, and skills of the learner and that this experience is not predefined.

As the pupils we support may have experienced barriers to their learning, also due to suffered trauma, Adapt Learning offers innovative pathways in addition to classroom learning that seek to create a therapeutic space for each pupil to thrive.

Pebbles Academy offers a range of qualifications (Scottish and English) to equip young people for their future. Alongside academic opportunities through classroom based, remote and online learning, we offer vocational opportunities through practical work at our Skills Hub, which is based within the school.

Adapt Learning at Pebbles Care
Education Model at Pebbles Care

Nurture, develop & see our pupils flourish

We make up for lost ground by nurturing our young people and building their self-esteem through appropriate therapies, and relevant and stimulating holistic learning experiences. Our relational practice underpins this nurturing approach, and it is always the starting point on entry. This is supported by child-centred therapeutic input to help young people regulate their emotions and feel safe.

We make sure every young person develops as well as they can by providing a supportive framework for high expectations and consistent boundaries. We provide a curricular structure which supports a flexible approach to achieving qualifications, so all young people achieve to their potential in a range of subjects. As well as academic subjects delivered through an interdisciplinary approach, young people succeed in vocational aspects specific to their interests and intended future career.

Our vocational skills programme gives our young people the skills they need to flourish as young adults. Our work-based learning curriculum fosters ambition and gives our young people hope for the future by making a successful career a reality through practical skills in any of the following: Construction; Health, Hair and Beauty; Social Care; Motor maintenance and road safety; Bike Mechanics; Catering/Hospitality; Childcare.

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Wider Achievement programme

Our Wider Achievement programme supports skills and interests and builds work-related skills while building self-esteem and resilience. It allows our young people the opportunity to enjoy activities they have not been able to experience before due to the significant challenge they have faced in their lives.

Our skills profiling identifies interests and ensures the appropriate skills are developed and enhanced throughout the Pebbles experience to equip for the future. Moreover, our ’24-hour curriculum’ model is designed to support learning as a naturally occurring part of daily life.

Within our homes, our staff are aware of the importance of the wider scope of learning and skills development and nurture creativity through facilitating learning activities at home.

This could be through wider achievement activities, independent learning, or integrated project work related to the work done during the day. Our young people continue to develop as lifelong learners through this integrated model, equipping them for fulfilling adult lives.

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