Richard Graveling - Head of Education

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Eden Park Academy. We are committed to providing a stepping stone to a brighter future in everything that we do and, working in partnership with Pebbles Care, provide a wraparound care and education service where every individual can thrive as part of a nurturing and aspirational learning community.

We are proud of our young people’s achievements as they are skilfully supported in overcoming their barriers to learning through our individualised learning packages. These lead to the development of independent living skills, achievement of relevant qualifications and sustained positive destinations.

Our practice is based on excellent relationships, compassion and tenacity and is underpinned by strong values and sense of ambition for each and every learner. Our expertise in identifying and catering for the individual needs and interests of our young people from day one ensures that “Every Pupil Achieves” at Eden Park Academy.

Richard Graveling, Head of Education

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