Eden Park Academy’s curriculum is flexible and is built around the individual needs of young people, whilst fulfilling the entitlement to a broad and stimulating experience for all learners. Our focus is on closing the gap through high quality experiences based on a dynamic curriculum tailored to individual needs. We ensure learning experiences support fundamental British values and celebrate different cultures, including those of the local community.

Our curriculum is broad with young people experiencing all curricular areas: Literacy and English, Numeracy and mathematics, Science, Technologies, Humanities, Creative and Personal and Social Education/PHSE/SMSC development, outdoor learning and Physical Education. We focus on thinking skills and skills for independent living, budgeting/enterprise activities and skills for learning, life and work. This includes practical careers guidance delivered by skilled professionals designed to fulfil the potential of every young person.

All young people progress through the high level of support they receive, and we support this through the intelligent use of data to analyse progress and plan learning to bridge the gaps in attainment and achievement. Our curriculum ensures there is the opportunity to attain formal qualifications – Entry Level, Functional Skills and GCSE in England and National 2, 3, 4 and 5 (and standalone units) in Scotland. We offer accreditation to meet specific needs and recognise achievement, for example ASDAN awards, John Muir Award, Eco Schools and many other qualifications depending on interests and individual curriculum.

Personalised learning

Our curriculum and staffing allow us to ensure young people receive the broad, age-appropriate curriculum they are entitled to as well as being able to personalise their learning to meet their needs and interests.

Our teaching staff, supported by our vastly experienced and highly qualified SENDCO, ensure that our young people’s needs, talents and interests are identified early in placement so we can tailor the curriculum around them. Early assessments and interventions give us the ability to deliver the entitlement of an age appropriate curriculum differentiated to the appropriate level for each individual. Literacy and numeracy interventions accelerate progress and allow young people to catch up with their learning if it has been interrupted.

Individual interests are catered for within the curriculum through wider achievement and outdoor learning. Young people in Year 11 or S4 who have missed time at school before starting at Eden Park Academy and need to accelerate their learning to achieve qualifications can be supported fully due to the flexibility in our curriculum.

Skills for learning, life and work

The development of skills to secure a sustained positive destination and live independently are integral within our curriculum. Our small teaching groups allow the flexibility to link learning across subjects and identify and develop skills very effectively.

Eden Park Academy actively seeks work-based learning experiences with our partners to ensure young people experience work and develop the skills they need to maintain employment.

Health and Wellbeing

Alongside tracking wellbeing and stability indicators and ensuring appropriate interventions are put in place, we plan to develop wellbeing across the curriculum. Literacy, numeracy and wellbeing are foundations of the curriculum at Eden Park Academy and are themes running through all curricular areas.

We focus on the development of mental health awareness and actively build a feeling of community, belonging and responsibility. Our young people’s self-esteem markedly improves with a sense of achievement and teaching staff aspire to see progress on a daily basis.

Community engagement and wider achievement

All four Eden Park Academies are active within their local community. To develop this further we are introducing Eco Schools. This will increase environmental awareness and develop our young people as responsible citizens. Through the John Muir Award, some of our young people are further increasing their awareness of green spaces. This supports our outdoor learning activities which are well established and allow the development of skills and knowledge outside of the traditional classroom.

At Eden Park Academy, we are fully aware that our young people have possibly not had many opportunities to develop hobbies and spare time activities. With wider achievement as part of the timetabled week we can explore and develop interests and talents with our young people whilst also delivering the entitlements of the formal curriculum.

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