Caring for young people

We have 45 homely, therapeutic and safe residential services that can support a range of needs for young people who require additional support in both life and learning.

We have three, four and five bedroomed services which promote a family dynamic and wholesome environment, allowing young people to develop positive relationships and integrate within real life social settings. We also have solo occupancies for those who require the solace that a secluded environment can provide.

Over the years, our services have built strong partnerships with local communities to support the integration of young people into daily life, so that they can achieve positive outcomes outlined within each care plan.

Our child-centred approach builds positive relationships with each young person so that our carers are not just mentors, they are friends.

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Pebbles are amazing, understanding and never let us down.

Truly loving people.

This is where the voices of our young people are heard and the stories of positive outcomes for the most vulnerable young people in our society.

Unique identity

While all our services promote the same ethos and values, they all have their own identity and unique environmental considerations in relation to keeping young people safe and allowing them to progress and reach their target destinations.

We, therefore, can offer a long term living and learning solution for young people who can transition throughout services in parallel with their level of progress and resiliency.

We have services throughout the country, which provide a range of support, but each service will adapt to meet the needs of each young person in order to be supportive of their priorities and to make them feel stimulated.

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