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Barnardo’s Advocacy Service

Pebbles Care is delighted to introduce Barnardo’s advocacy worker Levi Williamson to the Pebbles family.

Levi is an advocacy worker with Barnardo’s and will provide an invaluable, independent, forum for the young people in our Care in Scotland. The resource aims to encourage young people to feel supported in expressing their views and work towards developing resilience and independence.
Levi will support young people to:

• Explore their voice and views
• Support them with, and to meetings regarding their life
• To understand and use their rights

Levi Williamson

Levi is currently visiting our services and meeting our young people to ensure the new resource is presented as accessible and approachable as possible. Young people will have visual aids within their homes to familiarise them with the resource and Levi will continue to visit services and build positive relationships with our teams to ensure all young people feel empowered to access the service. Levi is really looking forward to starting the role:

“I am eager to visit all of the services in Scotland and begin a positive journey with all of the teams in support of young people. I am particularly keen to reach those young people who are perhaps less likely to engage with the resource and show the importance of expressing how you feel”

The new venture for Pebbles Care continues the positive working partnership with Barnardo’s services, who have recently delivered specialist CSE training for our teams at our Murraythwaite and Knockenshang services.