Sharron Reilly

Head of Psychology

Volunteering in residential childcare shaped Sharron’s professional career. Bewildered by the behaviours and saddened by the difficulties that some young people face sparked an interest for both understanding and intervention.

Sharron’s goal is to understand what has happened to young people and to coach residential practitioners to deliver trauma informed care and positively impact the life prospects of young people. Sharron’s role with Pebbles Care is to undertake psychological assessments; understanding the young people’s functioning or risk and provide consultations to staff teams surrounding an understanding of behaviour and recommendations for practice.

Sharron has developed a training programme in therapeutic parenting in residential childcare that has an emphasis on attachment, developmental trauma, and therapeutic practice. This provides staff with an understanding of behaviour, whilst ensuring that all children’s homes can offer a safe, stable, and nurturing environment that uses relationships to help young people recover from past traumatic experiences.

This transformative trauma informed approach relies on relational care within the therapeutic home and can also be enhanced by one to one psychological therapy for some young people. Sharron has a BA in Psychology, MSc Forensic Psychology and an MSc in Applied Psychology with Children & Young People.

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