Michael Walsh

Chief Executive

Michael joined Pebbles in November 2019 after many months of working with a new financial backer and senior team of Pebbles.

Michael's background is in both care and business, and with the opportunity to learn through these experiences, Michael has helped to shape an exciting future for Pebbles. There is a clear aim within Pebbles to ‘be the best we can be at what we do‘ and with the right guidance, support and investment, there is every chance this will be achieved.

Having worked in both adult and children’s services around the UK, Michael has a good understanding of what a good care provider looks like and is delighted to highlight the quality of the staff teams at Pebbles who all clearly understand this too. Michael insists that Pebbles will work tirelessly to develop into one of the UK’s top providers of children’s care and education with a very clear child-centred therapeutic focus.

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