Karen Blanchard-Ellis

Commissioning Manager

Karen has worked for Pebbles Care for nearly 10 years, working as part of the commissioning team. Karen provides relationship focused support to all the Yorkshire local authorities and those within the district of Greater London.

Karen’s responsibility is to ensure that all young people have a sense of belonging where they are cared for and that the Pebbles commissioning team works positively with local authorities to identity suitable placements for young people.

Karen provides excellent customer relationship management for her area of the business and is responsible for ensuring that these relationships remain indispensable. Ones of Karen’s responsibilities is to ensure we earn the right to be considered a preferred provider by our partners.

Karen has significant experience in considering the risks, needs and matching criteria to assess referrals effectively to ensure young people are placed suitably within our specialist residential homes.

Karen supports the Commercial Director with business development and contract management for her area, ensuring we always delivering highly responsive and professional support.

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