Adelle Sutherland

Assistant Psychologist

Adelle has worked with Pebbles since 2019 and has over 4 years residential childcare experience. Adelle has always had a passion working with children and young people and helping them reach their full potential. Her past experiences from working in residential has been eye opening and she would like to be part of breaking this cycle and helping to create more positive outcomes for our children and young people. Adelle has built up positive relationships with young people as she believes that ‘connection before correction’ is the best way to support their needs.

Adelle is currently the Assistant Psychologist for Scotland with Pebbles. She helps provide psychological support in ensuring therapeutic assessment and formulation is undertaken for all young people. Adelle is also responsible for carrying out therapeutic parenting training across Scotland to all residential staff members. Adelle believes the importance of empowering staff members to give the best care to our young people. Adelle uses a reflective approach in her practice and throughout training to ensure that a deeper understanding of therapeutic care will be practiced.

Adelle completed her BA (hons) in Psychology in 2017 and her SVQ 3 in 2019. Adelle has always found education to be massively important in life and is hoping to further her studies in MSc Forensic psychology whilst working with Pebbles. This course will help her work to develop skills in psychological assessment, interventions, and risk management which can be utilised in her role.

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