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Outdoor activity is an excellent way to build self-confidence and self-esteem which is central to any young person’s development.

Benefits of Outdoor Activities:
  • contributes to personal growth and social awareness
  • gives a sense of responsibility
  • enjoyment and satisfaction
  • gives time and tranquillity to reflect on problems/issues that you have encountered
  • provides young people with the knowledge and motivation on confronting issues and creating positive changes in your life
  • provides valuable alternatives to negative pass times
  • Stimulates and encourages young people to take greater responsibility and helps them evaluate the importance of risk awareness
  • encourages a willingness to give and accept support
  • Offers the opportunity to explore risk taking and anti-social behaviours whilst being out of ones comfort zone
  • Develop effective inter-personal behaviours
  • To work co-operatively and effectively in teams
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