Pebbles care providesĀ individual care programmes for young people who may be experiencing behavioural and/or emotional difficulties. They may be of either gender and will be aged between 8 and 18 years.

Young people placed in our care will be encouraged to present a commitment to themselves and work with us within our ethos of respect and care for oneā€™s self and others.

    Placement Criteria.
  • Free collection any time & day of the week
  • Same day placements available
  • Young people with low self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Young people who display challenging behaviours and/or may be on the periphery of offending behaviours
  • Young people without a stable educational background
  • Young people who have experienced repeated placement breakdown
  • Sibling groups
  • Any core assessment information
  • Young People at risk of sexual exploitation It is imperative that each young person is placed into the most appropriate surroundings to cater for his/her needs, to maintain the success of each home and to enable the young person to achieve positive outcomes.If you have a referral, where possible, please provide us with:
  • A chronology of events for the young person including a placement history, behaviour and education history, and any involvement with other agencies/professionals
  • Previous review reports/LAC reports
                    Once a young person has been referred, Pebbles care will:
  • Identify the most appropriate home for the young person based on the information provided by the Local Authority. Run our in house matching process.
  • If a placement can be offered we will provide a placement proposal and arrange for a young person's DVD to be forwarded.
  • Invite, where possible, the young person and their Social Worker to visit the home, prior to admission
  • Visit, where possible and appropriate, the young person before admission to reassure them, to answer all their questions and to help minimise any fears or anxieties they may have
  • Begin to plan the young person's individualised care and education programme
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